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Attack on Titan Regiments


Appearing over a 1000 years ago, giant humanoid creatures known as titans pushed humanity to the brink of extinction almost overnight. The survivors built Three Walls, withdrawing behind them in frightened huddles for what was to be a century of uneasy peace. In the year 845, two terrifying new breeds of titan appeared, the Colossal and the Armored, breaking through the outer wall as if destruction was pure child's play. The territory of Wall Maria was abandoned, 20% of the human race perished as the titan onslaught continued, our last option was to retreat behind Wall Rose. Now is it our time to fight back and rise against the Titans!


Year | 888


Royal Monarch | Annie Reiss

Commander in Chief | Cobalt Ryker

Military Police Commander | Tanner Zoe

Garrison Commander | Nelothin Kirstein

Scout Commander | Night Ackerman

Head Developer | Cobalt Ryker

Developers | N/A



War for Eldia


Titan Shifter




Military Regiments: Scout Regiment, Garrison Regiment, Military Police Regiment

Training Corps: Trainee Corps


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