EosforosArcharus is a member of the Royal Family.



Alex is a young man of average size, and muscular body build. He has short dirty blond hair, with a rounded face, and light blue eyes.. He is usually seen wearing the Scouting Legion uniform, But wears golden garment, signifying his status as one of the Royal Family.


Alex's personality is very calm, calculated and strict. He has a keen eye for strategy and tactical resourcefulness. He is often seen either with his soldiers, talking to the poor, or alone in his office preparing speeches for upcoming graduations.


Omni-Directional Mobility Gear

His is skilled in the manoeuvring of the ODM gear, being able to move out of tough situations quickly, he also dedicates his time to practising to better himself in the art of using the ODM gear.

Royal Titles

862-868: His Royal Highness, Count Alex of Trost

868-present: His Royal Highness, Prince Alex